7 Notifications
Notification section describes all logs of RPA and compliance related activities.

7.1 All Logs

Notification All Logs
Under all logs section, all logs of NPNT and flight are shown together. Using the scroll bar, you can do scroll down/up to see more logs. The logs are shown with their dates and time including seconds. The logs are shown in ascending order where latest date logs are shown first. Logs are categorized with their category to understand to which category log belongs.

7.2 NPNT Logs

Notification NPNT Logs
Under NPNT logs, all NPNT operation related logs are displayed with respect to time. The drone registration as well as flight permission are displayed here.

7.3 Flight Logs

Notification Flight Logs
Under flight logs, all flight operations related logs are shown.

7.4 Warnings

Notification Warnings
Under warning, all flight operation warning related logs are shown. These are the logs which are generated by flight controller hardware during actual flight or before flight. These logs are critical logs and should be viewed thoroughly to avoid any misbehavior by the RPA.
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