2 Drone Registration Process
Drone registration process explains how to register new drone first time with Management server and authority like DGCA.
AeroGCS Login Screen

2.1 Buyer’s Login

When the system user logins to the AeroGCS, it immediately checks weather any drone is registered in AeroGCS or not. If not, then it will ask to register the drone first before using it. If not, drone is registered then, it will not allow to proceed further. Please note during this time, the GCS should have internet connectivity and should have reachability to management server
This step require buyer to put his login credentials to validate against his credentials which were created during the drone buying process. During the drone buying process, the OEM require to create an account of buyer and share his login credentials with buyer. The buyer needs to use these credentials while doing the drone registration. The primary purpose is to identify the genuine buyer/registrar of the drone with DGCA.
Buyer Login for Registration

2.2 OTP Verification

Once the buyer’s login credentials are validated with management server, then OTP authentication as second level of authentication is require. This is also called as offline authentication. In this authentication process, the management server sends one-time password to the registered email id of the buyer. The registered email address is the email ID registered during the buying of RPA.
OTP Verification
Link Setup for Connecting
Once buyer’s verification is done, it is necessary to do verification of RPA as well. It is important to register the genuine RPA only. In order to identify the genuineness of the RPA, it is require to digitally verify the identity of RPA. For this, we need to connect the drone and read its unique ID which is allocated by the buyer. This unique ID has to be matched with the buyer’s database to verify. In this step, we connect the drone to read its unique ID.
The setup link has various parameters to configure:
o Select the serial port à AeroGCS has auto serial port detection capability. Once RPA is connected to the AeroGCS, it will automatically detect the port and display here. You need to select one of the displayed ports.
o select the baud rate
o select the data bits, parity bits
o select the flow control

2.4 Connect the Drone

Connecting the RPA
After connecting the drone using serial link, the AeroGCS will read the unique RPA ID from the firmware. The unique RPA id is the ID created by the manufacturer during the manufacturing. It is embedded into the firmware so that AeroGCS can read it from the firmware.
The vehicle id is unique for each drone and non-repudable. As well as, the RPA id will remain same for the flight controller if it is taken out of the machine.
The vehicle number is additional field given to track the vehicle from outside. This can be given as identity to RPA for the machine by the manufacture. The vehicle number should be generally displayed on the RPA by the manufacture.

2.5 Drone Registration (Init Process)

Init Process of to put Digital Certificate Keys in RPA
Till last step the process of connecting and verifying the RPA is completed to verify the authenticity of the RPA. Under Init Process following tasks are executed.
a) Key for RPA is generated using the digital certificate.
b) The RPA connects to management server to sign the digital certificate
c) The management server then signs the key using PKI infrastructure, send to DGCA system get the key signed from DGCA server and then sends back to the RPA device using GCS.
d) During this process, the drone is now actually registered with Digital platform and it gets the UIN number from digital sky platform.
e) The number is stored inside the GCS as well as records are updated at management server.
Pilot Profile

2.6 Pilot Profile

Next process requires validation of Pilot account created with DGCA. In this process, pilot need to enter his name and then pilot identifier which he would have received from the DGCA as his license.

2.7 Pilot Authentication

Last part of process is to enter the pilot login details which are created with Digital Sky platform. These credentials are requiring so that during the next flight approval process, GCS will connect to digital sky platform and seek the permission with pilot login, UIN number.
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