3 Dashboard
Whenever you login to the AeroGCS, you lands on dashboard page. The dashboard page has various parameters for historical performance of the RPA and projects.

3.1 Total Flight Time

Total flight time is the time flights have been done. Whenever any flight under any project is completed, the completed time of the flight is added to the total flights done by RPA. It helps to count the overall life of an RPA. When any completed flight is deleted, or any project is deleted then all data related to flight time is removed from the total flight time. It shows data of only available projects and flights in AeroGCS.

3.2 Total projects

This dashboard element shows the total projects created and available in the AeroGCS. Any deleted project from the GCS would be removed from the total project count. It shows only the available projects in AeroGCS.

3.3 Completed Flights

This dashboard element shows the total completed projects under all projects. The project can have planned and completed type of flights. It will show only completed flights. The completed flight means any flight for which take-off command was issued. Even if RPA doesn’t fly after take-off, it is also considered as completed flight.

3.4 Total Warnings

This element shows overall warning in AeroGCS during the operations. It shows NPNT related warning as well as machine operation related warming. After clicking on warning, you can navigate to details of all warning.

Last modified 11mo ago