2. How it works?
AeroStream is drone live streaming services where video recorded by drones are transmitted using internet to stream users.
AeroStream is drone live streaming service where drone video are transmitted to AeroStream user in real time using internet. Here is high level solution architecture.
AeroStream Service Architecture
As shown in above service architecture, drone live streaming is transmitted to AeroStream user. There is compete service workflow. Where first AeroStream user has to put a request for drone live streaming. The request goes to preferred pilot in list. The pilot reaches to the flying located selected by the AeroStream user. Once pilot reaches there, then he prepares for drone flight. Once flight is ready to take-off, then he enables Live Streaming. After enabling live streaming, video transmission to the AeroStream user is started. AeroStream user gets all live video on his mobile, desktop browser, or TV screen.
The same Live streaming video can be shared with others using sharable URL. So that others can see live video without even installing any application.
There are many applications of Drone Live streaming where it is important to get aerial view as streaming. Like now days, construction monitoring is done using drone live streaming, events are broadcast using drone live streaming, law and order situation are managed using aerial views using drone live streaming.
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