8 FAQs
Everything you need to know to use AeroStream like an expert.

What is AeroStream?

AeroStream is SaaS platform for drone service operators, professional and individuals to deliver Drone Live Streaming to viewers..

How does AeroStream work?

Basically AeroStream comes with two applications
  • AeroStream-Pilot: stream the videos for the requests he has received from the client app.
  • AeroStream-Client : send requests to pilot and viewing the streams

Who has access to the AeroStream?

Organization members within the same project will have access to the AeroStream.

Does live stream work without internet connectivity?

No, you will need a internet connectivity.

Will AeroStream videos be saved within the project?


Can the stream video be sharable?

Yes you can simply copy the live streaming link and easily share through any social media like WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn etc!
Yes it is valid only for 24 hours.

How do I download the video?

You can login to AeroMegh account using https://services.aeromegh.com and then see all you videos under AeroStream service. From there, you can download your videos.

Is it necessary to create an account on AeroMegh?

Yes it is need to create your account on https://aeromegh.com.

Where I can use AeroStream?

  • Research
  • Live events like sports, shows, concerts
  • Recreational/travel
  • Law enforcement advertising/promotions
  • Rescue
  • Security and monitoring

Do I need to connect drone RC to AeroStream-pilot app?

Yes it is mandatory to connect RC to the AeroStream pilot application.

Does AeroStream-pilot app support signup?

No, for now u need to visit at https://services.aeromegh.com and then do the sign-up.

Can I get a trial account?

Yes 15 days trial is available.

If I am a pilot can I share stream for myself?

Yes, currently pilot app does not support it directly. You need to login to customer app, create a request for yourself be selection pilot as “me” and stream for this request from the pilot app.

Can I use non DJI drone?

Yes you can use it.

Can I use custom drone for streaming?

Yes. Ardupilot with Herelink HD Video telemetry is supported.

Can I view multiple drone stream at once?

Yes you can. For this ask your pilot to stream for the same requests from multiple drones using AeroStream-Pilot mobile app.
No! you can enjoy the stream on browser.

Can I view the stream location in request app?

Yes you can.

Are the streaming videos saved in the drone memory?

No! they are directly saved in your AeroMegh cloud account securely.

As a pilot, how do receive streaming requests from customers or viewers?

You need to invite them by login into AeroMegh account suing MicroCRM service.
Last modified 10mo ago