4. AeroStream for Pilots
Here are the actions for the pilots to AeroStream services.

4.1 Invite Your Customers

It is necessary to invite you customer from AeroMegh platform. You should go to Micro CRM service of AeroMegh platform. There is option to invite your customers. You can search for AeroStream user using their mobile number or email address. If AeroStream user has already signed-in using AeroStream mobile application, then his email address or mobile phone number will be listed in Micro CRM.
You need to select mobile number or email address of AeroStream user and send invite. As soon as invite is sent to AeroStream user, it will be available in AeroStream mobile application of AeroStream user.

4.2 View Streaming Request

Whenever AeroStream user places a streaming request to his preferred pilot, his preferred pilot can see that streaming request in his application.
On this screen pilot can view the list of all requests requested by the customers.

4.2.1 DJI Drones

If you are using DJI drones, then you need to download and install AeroMegh DJI pilot application. You can login to pilot application and see the streaming requests.
request screen
If you are using custom drones with Herelink HD video telemetry, then you need to download and install AeroGCS mobile application. You can login to AeroGCS and there you can see the streaming requests.

4.3 Start Streaming

4.3.1 DJI Drones.

Setup the connection between DJI drone RC (Remote Control) and AeroStream-Pilot app then simply start with the app.

Login screen:

If user already have an account then he/she can login directly else he/she has to create an account on aeromegh.com.
logine screen

Device Registration and Connection Screen :

Once you have selected a streaming request to start the stream from My Request screen a next screen will pop up which will take you through the necessary device setup process. It is assumed that RC and drone both are powered up a nd connected also RC is connected to android phone.
Make sure that any DJI application is not running in the background.
As a part of device setup app does the following things
  • Register the application with DJI (this some times take minutes, be patient and its a one time process).
  • Connects with the drone.
  • Registers the device with cloud account.
If you do not have a subscription process will fail at step 3 and you will not be able to stream.

Flight Streaming Screen :

Once device registration is successfully over, you will be able to see the streaming screen.
On this screen pilot can view the stream coming from the drone, pilot can start the live stream for assigned request. Once pilot presses the start button live stream will be available to the requester on AeroStream app. Pilot can see the drone's live location. Pilot will be able see the number of GPS satellites available, live altitude at which drone is flying and remaining percentage of the battery. Once streaming is over pilot can press the stop button and can return to My Request screen.

4.4 Multi Drone Streaming

In order to have multi drone streaming support over a single request pilot needs to have multiple subscription of AeroMegh Pro.

4.4.1 DJI Drones

Pilot needs to login in AeroStream-Pilot app with same account on multiple phones and should select select same request on all the phones connected to drone after which he can start streaming. This way all the drone streams will appear under same request on viewers app.
Coming Soon

4.5 Continue Disconnected Stream

Pilot can continue streaming on the same request even after a stream breaks due to any reason like changing the battery in mid of streaming. This enable viewers to keep viewing the stream using same shared link. This delivers a seamless experience.

4.4.1 DJI Drones

Pilot can select the same streaming request which was stopped in the mid, app will smartly detect if any unfinished stream exists and will ask if pilot wants to continue streaming with the same or start a new one. If pilot decides to start the new stream then viewers will see previous stream as a recorded video and a new live stream will start.
Coming Soon

4.5 Manage your Customers

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